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            Boying Valve-Born for HPBV

            Boying Valve has a technical team dedicated to the research of eccentric butterfly valve for more than 20 years. With the help of computer 3D modeling, CAD, CFD fluid analysis software, and equipped with customized special processing equipment, to ensure the dimensional precision control of key parts, so that the valve body, disc and seal ring can be exchanged with the specifications. Our Triple Offset Butterfly Valve(TOV) is one of the few valve manufacturers to truly realize the bidirectional total pressure difference zero leakage, whether cryogenic, high temperature or high pressure, corrosion resistance and other extreme conditions, we can provide reliable products to meet customer needs.

            Our products have been strictly qualified by the authoritative third party, and the sealing performance has the characteristics of stable bidirectional zero leakage.

            Boying Valve realize valve quality for people’s health and property of the importance of safety and protection, our commitment is: quality with favorable price, give our customers the first-class products, the design, fabrication, inspection and testing of the products will conform to the requirements of customers and related specifications, and comply with all relevant international standards.

            Take Into account the fact that current industry standards do not always consider the possibility of valve degradation and the causality of degradation under the operating medium or environment in which they are carried. In order to better understand and implement the standard, our customers are required to maintain contact and communication with our technical department at all times. This will enable the valve to have the quality to adapt to the degradation that may occur in the medium to ensure the safe service of the valve beyond its pre-service life.